Did you know that in the 4th century BC the Greeks called truffles the daughters of lightning? If you also want to know what origin they gave them, read on and you won’t be left indifferent…

Origin of truffles according to the Greeks

The philosopher Theophrastus, a disciple of Aristotle and considered the precursor of botany for his works “History of Plants” and “On the Causes of Plants”, captured in the following words what the scholars of that time believed about truffles: “They are born with the autumn rains and dry lightning, especially for the latter cause. In reality, it is a lightning strike that is the main reason […]. They do not belong to the vegetable world and even less to the human world. They never see the sunlight, unless some pig or well-trained dog finds their hiding place among the deep roots of some sacred oak. Their macabre morphology induces us to think of an eschatological origin, a diabolical metempsychosis by which the sacred mother earth, by means of infernal pressures, turned the genitals of some bloodthirsty tyrant into a sublime delicacy for peaceful gourmets.”

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