If at first glance some truffle varieties can be confused with others, taking a look at how they look under the microscope can be of great help.

Mycorrhiza under the microscope

Today we bring you a picture of our friends the mycorrhizae! Although it could well be an abstract picture….
This one is of one of our truffle oaks. We know that the mycorrhizal species associated to the root is Tuber Melanosporum for several reasons. The mantle is in puzzle (pseudoparenchymatous or with epidermoid cells), in the photo it is light brown. In addition, the hyphae/cystidia have septa or septa even near the bifurcations that tend to be at right angles when branching, in the photo it is seen in the transparent threads. All this together gives us peace of mind. Trufficulture requires a lot of patience since it is not until the 8th-12th year of planting that production usually begins, however, these images can encourage us a little from the first year. A good mycorrhiza is worth more than a thousand words!

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