In this post we tell you the oldest documentation we have of the use of truffles according to James Martin Trappe. An anecdote about the use of truffles written in cuneiform on a tablet. Archaeologists have dated these tablets to around 1750 BC.

The image in the post is just one example of cuneiform writing on a clay tablet.

Earliest documentation on truffles

First of all, we must emphasize that this does not mean that this is the first use given to truffles, but the oldest documentation we have to date.

This first documentation is a funny anecdote on a clay tablet inscribed in cuneiform script taken from the great library of the king of the Amorites. Even after the devastation of the Amorite kingdom following the invasion of the neighboring Sumerian Empire, which burned as much of the Amorite kingdom as it could, including the named library, the clay tablets were not destroyed. Since they were made of clay, the tablets instead of being burned were fired, becoming pieces of pottery. One of these tablets that have been translated is a correspondence between the king and his butler. The king through some ugly words to his butler expressed “the last batch of truffles you sent me was not good at all”, to which his butler replied “well, I bought them for you, you wanted truffles, and this is what the truffle pickers brought me, so I bought them for you your highness”.

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