If you want to try something really affordable, easy and delicious, try making this recipe. Have you ever seen such a suggestive potato?

baked potato with Iberian ham and black truffle pâté

Ingredients for 1 person

– 1 potato
– 15-20 g of Iberian ham pâté
– 2 g of black truffle Tuber melanosporum
– Truffled Extra Virgin Olive Oil
– Sea salt flakes
– Pepper


Coat the potatoes with oil, pepper and salt and bake them in the oven at 205ºC wrapped in aluminum foil for approximately 45 minutes. Once roasted, open them and fill them with the Iberian ham pâté. Finally, drizzle a little truffle oil together with the truffle laminated in the oil and add salt to taste. Let’s eat!

Approximate preparation time: 50 minutes.

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