A very widespread image, but not very representative at present: the truffle pigs.

Dog or pig for truffle hunting?

Pigs and wild boars do not need much training to search for truffles, since it is in their nature to search for them to satisfy their appetite. The most important training should be given so that once the truffle is found, they cease their search and let us work, contenting themselves with the prize we have given them in exchange. On the contrary, dogs need more training at the beginning until they understand what scent to look for. However, once a dog has been trained, its handling, endurance and character are generally better suited for truffle hunting. We know of cases of truffle farmers who are happy with their pig or wild boar, but despite this, we prefer to continue searching for truffles with our dogs.

If you want to know more curiosities about the truffle, we recommend our section History of the truffle.

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