As you may already know, the black truffle or Tuber Melanosporum is a seasonal and perishable product that, if you know how to preserve it, you can extend its shelf life and thus maintain its flavor and aroma for several days (always considering its limited lifespan). However, there are several mistakes we make when buying black truffles:

  • The first one, which is quite common, is washing the black truffles with plenty of water directly. This fungus is porous and easily absorbs liquids, which can affect its quality. If it’s necessary to clean them, it should be done carefully, and they should be completely dried before storing.
  • They are often stored in airtight containers, and sometimes, this can lead to excess moisture and promote the growth of mold if they are damp. It’s recommended to use containers that allow some air circulation. As a helpful tip, it could be a good idea to store them in a sealed container with a bit of paper towel or rice grains to absorb any generated moisture and keep them dry. And after 24-48 hours, open the container again to ventilate it, change the paper, and seal it back.
  • When freezing them, it’s important to ensure that the truffle doesn’t breathe, as otherwise, it will lose its aroma. And once frozen, it should be grated or chopped, as it will be very difficult to handle if thawed.
  • Extended storage time: keeping black truffles in the fridge for more than 10 days: during this period, they will lose their properties, texture, and flavor.

We know that proper preservation of black truffles is complicated since it requires attention to detail and a balance between moisture and protection against decomposition. One of the ideas we propose for enjoying their flavor and aroma is to slice them – always avoiding making the slices too thick. The thinner you slice them, the more aroma they will have. In fact, in our online store, you will find two versions for doing this conveniently and professionally. You have two options: using our stainless steel truffle slicer or our truffle slicer, which allows you to easily adjust the thickness of the truffle slices.

We are confident that this text will help you avoid these common mistakes so that you can enjoy this delicacy properly.

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