The answer is no. Truffles do not grow in just any soil. The black truffle, or Tuber Melanosporum, is a hypogeous fungus that grows underground, and its conditions are extremely important for its growth, so certain soil conditions need to be met for the development of the black truffle. In fact, the quality of truffles is closely related to the type of soil in which they grow.

Generally, black truffles tend to grow under better conditions in agricultural soils than in forested ones (although they can also grow in the latter). They thrive in calcareous soil, in holm oak, oak, and kermes oak forests in the Mediterranean region of Spain, which also have the necessary temperature fluctuations for their development (regions with cold winters and warm summers). If we apply this to our specific case (as our competitor countries could be Italy, France, Australia, and Japan), this type of soil is predominantly found in the eastern half of the peninsula.

Regarding the suitable altitude, Tuber melanosporum naturally grows between 600 and 1300 meters above sea level and in sunny exposures. It is important to choose areas with a slight slope to prevent waterlogging of flat terrain and valley bottoms (unless they have well-draining subsoil). It is worth noting that pH also plays a fundamental role, which is why it should be between 7.5 and 8.5.

More details to take in account
Furthermore, the soil must be filtering, permeable, and well-aerated, and discontinuities between soil layers should be avoided since they can cause compaction and flooding. In case of drought, soils tend to compact and crack, so it becomes necessary for this fungus to have proper drainage while maintaining suitable moisture conditions.

An adequate content of organic matter in the soil is also beneficial for truffle growth, as it provides essential nutrients and improves soil structure. Finally, it should be noted that there should be sufficient depth since truffles develop from 5 to 30 centimeters underground.

And finally, after meeting all the requirements of our beloved black truffle Tuber Melanosporum, you will have to wait between 5 and 7 years for it to start making its first appearances. Luckily, we have already done our job a long time ago, and you can find black truffle (in season) in our store.

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